Financial Wellbeing Webinars

Our mission is financial wellbeing for everyone! Check out our list of FREE webinars for your team 😀.

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Our Webinar Style

  • Remote

    All our webinars are held remotely via Zoom for maximum flexibility.

  • Ted Talk Style

    Content is delivered in an 18-min Ted Talk style presentation. Presentations and any resources mentioned are shared with all attendees.

  • Q&A

    We leave ample time for your team to ask any finance related questions to provide even more value

Copy of john smith how it works   coaching (1) Copy of john smith how it works   coaching (1)

Why Financial Wellbeing Matters

  • Financial wellbeing affects overall mental health which has a direct impact on our everyday lives, including our work.
  • Discover 2 easy to implement habits that can change your finances
  • Learn about how our Founder overcame his money struggles and the mission at TOMII
  • Q&A session
Copy of john smith how it works   coaching (2) Copy of john smith how it works   coaching (2)

3 Things Every Investor Should Know

  • In a time of rising cost of living, people are feeling the pressure to invest in risk assets to earn money. Learn how safe investing can help you tackle inflation 
  • Discover how seemingly small fees can destroy your wealth
  • Learn to review investments and not overpay for underperformance
  • Look at historical markets trends and learn why the market always goes up
  • Q&A session

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    • Custom Zoom Link
    • Event Invite Provided
  • All The Marketing

    • Promo Poster
    • Other marketing material
  • Feedback

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