Financial coaching for everyone

Our platform gives every employee access to a money coach and a designated place to improve their financial wellbeing. 

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Why Employee Financial Wellbeing Matters

  • 8.7x less productive

    For those who are financially stressed, it is estimated that 20-29 days of productivity are lost per annum. 

  • 4x poor health

    Employees who are suffering from poor financial health are 5.3x more likely to feel depressed, 3.7x more likely to suffer from anxiety.

  • 3x higher turnover

    78% of employees are more likely to leave for a competitor who cares more about their financial wellbeing.

A financial wellbeing platform designed to reflect the diversity of your workforce so that it continues to meet people's changing needs

How It Works

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    1:1 Coaching

    Unlimited access for employees to speak directly with a human money coach. Everything is confidential. Our coaches are 100% independent and will not sell your employees any product or earn commission.

    Coaching sessions are done remotely through Zoom, for maximum flexibility.

    We love technology, but NO bots. We're a human first company, supported by tech.

    John smith
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    TOMII Financial Health Check

    A report card for your wallet. Designed to help employees identify where they are on thier financial journey and where they can improve.

    Based on the results, employees will work with their money coach to build a custom plan of action.

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    Online Academy

    Access to the TOMII online academy, filled with on-demand videos and powerful tools to help develop financial savviness.

    Videos are designed to be easily digestible by translating financial lingo into everyday English.

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    The Money Hub

    An easy to use calculator, designed to help provide a picture of employees' ongoing financial situation.

    Employees can track their net worth over time, and watch it grow. Our coaches are on hand to provide helpful insights.

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Support That Has Been Needed For Years

"I'm so grateful this is an option for us, I've needed this support for years and the first session was exactly what I hoped - I'm really excited!"

MyTutor Employee

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What Happens When You Invest In Financial Wellbeing?

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    Attract Talent
    81% of millennials want to work for a company who cares about their financial wellbeing
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    Save Money
    Reduce turnover. In the UK it costs on average £11k to replace 1 employee
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    + Productivity
    77% of employees say that money worries directly impact their work
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All In One Financial System

  • Made for everyone

    • Available to all employees
    • Access to coach on email, chat, or call
    • Partners can join coaching sessions at no extra cost
  • Ease of use

    • No employee training
    • Available on mobile & desktop
    • No internal integration
  • Built with integrity

    • No hidden or extra costs for employees
    • All information 100% confidential
    • 100% independent coaches

We bring 🔥 to our calls

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

See why our partners and their employees love TOMII

  • "I told Sanctus today TOMII has been the best work perk I have ever had. Amen."

    Employee - Sanctus
  • "TOMII offers a great solution including self-serve videos alongside personalised coaching. We want employees to be well and happy about themselves, their life AND their finances."

    Michael Cole - People Manager, MyTutor
  • "We are delighted to have an expert like TOMII on board to help us improve the number of ways we offer support to the players at the club."

    Head of Performance - Cambridge United
  • "I'm so grateful this is an option for us, I've needed this support for years and the first session was exactly what I hoped - I'm really excited!"

    Employee - MyTutor
  • "Brilliant initial session with my coach. Took away the financial fear and felt empowered to take the next steps in my financial health journey."

    Employee - Sanctus
  • "The session pushed me to dedicate some much-needed time and headspace to financial wellbeing, and I appreciated being able to get advice from a coach in that area."

    Employee - MyTutor
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100 NPS Score

That is not a typo.

Employees love using TOMII and working with our coaches on their own unique financial journey.

We Are Here To Support You

Let us take care of all the details

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Sometimes it's easier to speak to a real person

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